Q/A Scouting Alumni Lists for Councils

Q/A Scouting alumni lists for councils

Q: How do councils obtain their alumni lists?

A: Each council has at least one alumni database administrator who is a commissioned professional of the Boy Scouts of America. Councils may be assigned additional administrators based on the size of the council and council need.

Administrators can access council alumni lists in real time by logging on to www.kintera.org. Alumni lists can be segmented in many ways including by zip code, occupation, hobbies and interests and can be limited to the following:

  • Council Eagles (earned inside and outside of council)

  • SAF Pathfinders and Hikers

  • NESA Members     

  • Sea Scout Quartermasters

  • Silver Beavers

  • And much more!

To determine your council alumni administrator or if you need help retrieving your password contact SAF.

Last revised May 5, 2016