Q/A Alumni Awards

Q/A Alumni Awards

Q: How do individuals earn the alumni knot?

A: Applicants must be currently registered adult Scouters of the Boy Scouts of America and must receive the approval of their local council's alumni committee chair and Scout executive. Applications are forwarded to the Scouting Alumni and Friends committee. Those approved will be sent a certificate that can be used to purchase a square knot and/or lapel pin from the Scout Shop. Individuals who have received the Alumnus of the Year (council, regional, or national) are also considered recipients of the Alumni knot.

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Alumni Knot Award Application (113K, PDF)

Q: How do I navigate to the training modules required for the alumni knot?

A: To see and take the courses, go to https://my.scouting.org/ and log in.

From there select the BSA Learn Center on the right side. It looks like this:

Once you select it, roll down to expanded learning.

There click on the Scouting Alumni box and you will see this:

Click on +Add Plan you will see all of the course offerings and be able to take the courses.

Q: What if my council does not have a Scouting Alumni and Friends Committee?

A: SAF would hope that the absence of a council SAF committee would inspire alumni knot seeking recipients to work with the council in creating a council SAF committee. In rare cases where such action is not possible, you may reach out to your SAF Area Chair or SAF Regional Chair for assistance.

Q: Why is the Regional/National Alumnus of the Year certificate, lapel pin, and medal not available at the National Supply Group?

A: These awards are not given out in a significant quantity for National Supply Group to keep in stock. Therefore, they must be ordered directly from Scouting Alumni and Friends.

Q: If I have moved to a new council but became a James E. West Fellow in a previous council, do I need to become a James E. West Fellow again in my new council before I can become a Fellow in the Scouting Alumni & Friends Legacy Society?

A: No.

Last revised July 2, 2018