Q/A Updating Alumni Information

Q/A Updating Alumni Information

Q: How does alumni information get updated?

A: There are three ways alumni information is kept up to date such as when alumni move or have life events that cause the need for updates to their profiles. They are as follows:


Council administrators may update alumni profiles on an individual basis by logging into Kintera and updating on the Scouting Alumni Network. A training video has been created to assist council administrators with learning the steps to update alumni profiles.

Updates to alumni profiles are experienced across the entire network. For instance, if a council updates the address information for an alumnus who has moved into their council's borders and the alumnus is an Eagle Scout from another council, the council to which the Eagle was earned will see the new address on the alum's profile. 

It is important to note that council administrators cannot batch update alumni profiles (i.e. update more than one profile at a time). Administrators may send batch updates to Scouting Alumni and Friends staff who are more than happy to assist with batch updates. SAF staff work to complete council requests within 48 hours of receipt.

Be aware that batches must be password protected and sent using our ftp site (contact Scouting Alumni and Friends staff for User name and Password.) Batches also must include a column containing supporter i.d.'s or alternate i.d.'s to update more than one alumni profile at one time.

Steps to transfer a file:

Step 1: Compress your files into one password-protected ZIP file (BB45967). Note: The Web-based Secure FTP application allows for the transfer of files 1.18 GB (1,237,319 KB) or less. To transfer files larger than 1.18 GB (1,237,319 KB), use Mozilla FireFTP or FTP software.

Step 2: Log into Web-based Secure FTP. You will need the user name and password

FTP User Name: contact SAF
FTP Password:  contact SAF

Step 3: To transfer the file, click Upload Files, click Browse to locate the file, and click Upload. To download a file, mark the checkbox beside the appropriate file(s) and click Download Files. A progress bar appears during the connection and then a Please Wait rotating circle appears to indicate the file is transferring. When the transfer is complete, contact SAF


The National Scouting Alumni and Friends (SAF) and National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) also receive alumni updates such as through forwarding address changes when sending Alumni AliveScouting Magazine and Eagles' Call. These updates are entered into alumni profiles to keep alumni data current, and are therefore shared with councils when they view alumni assigned to their council.


Individual alumni are also able to keep their alumni data current by logging onto the Scouting Alumni network and updating their profiles.

Last revised May 5, 2016