Q/A Scouting Alumni Defined

Q/A Definition of Scouting Alumni

Q: What is the definition of a Scouting alum?

A: Scouting Alumni and Friends defines Scouting alumni as:

Scouting Alumni Definition
Anyone positively and personally impacted by the Boy Scouts of America

This definition includes former youth members, family members of Scouts past and present, community leaders and millions of Americans who benefit from Scouting in their communities every day.

Our definition of a Scouting alumnus is intentionally broad because Scouting impacts more than just those who have served in official capacities with the BSA. The Scouting umbrella includes those that ever assisted with a troop campout, financially supported a Scout, or hiked with a BSA unit. Any number of scenarios makes one a Scouting alumnus or alumna.

Whether an individual is returning to Scouting after a hiatus or are participating on a more active level for the first time, having yearned to become involved with BSA programs and the positive development of youth, we welcome them!

Last revised May 5, 2016