Q/A Origin of the SAF

Q/A Origin of SAF

Q: Why did the BSA create Scouting Alumni and Friends?

A: Over 50 million men and women have actively participated in BSA programs since 1910. Millions more have been positively impacted – directly or indirectly – through the involvement of their family, friends, neighbors, or their own exposure to Scouting programs in schools, religious institutions, or community organizations.

In a time when America needs young men and women who embody Scouting’s timeless values more than ever, the BSA determined that an alumni association would further perpetuate these values, continue to engage those who have benefited from Scouting in America, spread the positive story of Scouting, and continue to assist Scouting alumni in their vocational and avocational pursuits.

Last revised May 5, 2016