Alumni Relations Training

It's easier when you know what you are doing

Training to meet your councils needs!

If your council is looking to increase its knowledge of the world of alumni relations, you have come to the right place! By taking advantage of SAF training opportunities, which cover the entire world of alumni relations, will give your council a better understanding of working and creating a long term relationship with Scouting alumni.

Topics include:

  • Meeting alumni expectations
  • Communicating and creating an ongoing dialogue with alumni
  • Conducting five-star alumni events
  • Maximizing SAF tools such as the Scouting Alumni Network
  • Administering awards and recognizing alumni
  • And more!!!

To request a specific training or to learn more contact the SAF Training Vice-Chair.




SAF training programs teach how to properly engage alumni and make them feel good about Scouting, which really is the difference in determining whether a council's alumni relations program is successful or not.
-Tim Acree, Training Vice-Chair of Scouting Alumni and Friends