Northern Tier Alumni Work Week

Northern Tier Alumni Work Week: Join us to give back and have fun!

This is your chance to support the Northern Tier programs. You'll earn a “sweat-equity” polo shirt and enjoy camaraderie with your fellow alumni while giving back. A win-win proposition!

The upcoming “Work Week” is May 27th to June 9th. We can use help for a day or a week, so come as early and stay as late as you can! Bring your skills and enthusiasm; we will provide on-the-job training and tools.

A variety of projects will be available, including indoor locations. We will provide meals and bunkhouse accommodations at no cost to you. A volunteer dinner is also planned.

* Arrange your Work Week participation in advance by registering online at

* Be a member in good standing of the Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association, Inc. Membership is open to all adults who wish to maintain a significant interest in the mission and success of the Northern Tier. Join online at

* Sign up early to help with planning. Come as early and stay as late as you can. Arrivals starting Monday, May 27th with departure by June 9th.