Wood Badge Alumni Reunion

San Antonio League of Scouting Alumni

November 10th from 3-6pm at McGimsey Scout Park in Gilwell Hall.


Fray Antonio de Olivares and a group of Payaya Indians gaze upon the days progress building the Mission de San Antonio de Valero. As the sun sets to the over the river valley, they hear the sounds of many creatures; beavers along the riverbank, owls and eagles in the sky, bobwhites rustling in the brush, foxes and bears on the prowl, and buffaloes and antelope grazing in the distance. This is a good land, and they can learn much from the land and critters around them.

Three hundred years later, the Mission de San Antonio de Valero still stands, at the heart of a modern metropolis. If you listen closely, you can hear those same critters today. Beavers, bobwhites, eagle, foxes, owls, bears, buffaloes and elusive antelopes still roam San Antonio and the Alamo Area. They can be found at Pack meetings, Troop campouts, Crew adventures and guiding Ships. For the past 70 years, Wood Badge has made leaders in the BSA.

On November 10th, all critters are invited to go Back to Gilwell for an afternoon of fellowship, laughter, and singing. Join us from 3-6 p.m. at the McGimsey sports court as it becomes Gilwell hall once again.

To learn more about this event, visit us at the San Antonio League of Scouting Alumni (SALSA) area during the Alamo Area Council Scout Me In Expo, Thursday, August 16th at The Norris Conference Center.

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